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Brazilian elodea

(Egeria densa)



Brazilian elodea spreads quickly.  It creates dense mats on the surface which can impede boating, fishing, swimming and other aquatic activities.  It creates poor fish habitat and can cause fish population imbalances.  The fragments can block intake pipes.  It would be very expensive and difficult to control if it established here.

To our knowledge this plant is not established in our area.  Please report it if you see this plant.

Brazilian elodea is extensively sold in the aquarium industry.  It is often sold under the name Anacharis.  It is native to South America.  It is a submerged perennial.  It can live rooted or free floating up to a depth of 6 m.  The green leaves are whorled with four leaves per node.  The leaves are approximately 25 mm long and and 5 mm wide with a linear oblong shape.  The flowers have three white petals and three green sepals.  The flowers emerge above the water on long stalks that grow from the leaf axils.  It can reproduce from fragments.  Brazilian elodea can cover 40 ha a year.


Never dump your aquarium into water.  Dump it on dry land away from water or compost the plants.  Always remove plant fragments from your boat and gear.  Report any possible infestations. 

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