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Protect Our Waters From Fish Diseases, Invasive Plants and Invasive Mussels!

Why You Should Care About The Impacts of Invasive Aquatic Species

Reduce game fish populations


Ruin boat engines and jam steering equipment


Make lakes/rivers unusable by boaters and swimmers


Increase the costs of operating drinking water and power plants


Complicate dam maintenance and interrupt industrial processes


Reduce native species populations


Degrade ecosystems


Affect human health


Reduce property values


Affect local economies of water-dependent communities

Canoes And Kayaks Are Boats Too!

Clean:  Remove all plants, animals, and mud from your boat and all equipment that enters the water, including waders, boots, fishing gear and flotation devices.

Drain:  Eliminate all water on dry land before leaving the area.  Any items that can hold water including wells, ballast, bilge and buckets should be emptied.  Never transport live fish - it is illegal in B.C.

Dry:  Allow sufficient time for all items to dry completely before launching or using equipment in another body of water.

It is mandatory for all watercraft to stop at road side inspection stations.  Watercraft includes, but is not limited to, sailboats, motorboats, car toppers, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards.

Waders, footwear, fishing gear and flotation devices are important too!

Wash your watercraft with hot water if possible.


Soak waders, boots and other equipment in a salt water solution (10 L water to 1/3 cup salt) for 24 hours or you can make a bleach solution (10 L water to 0.5 L bleach) and soak for 15 minutes.


You can also spray the bleach solution on your canoe or kayak after taking it out of the water to help prevent the spread of fish diseases such as whirling disease.


Ponds and Aquariums

Never Release Pond or Aquarium Plants, Animals, or Water into the Environment.

Completely dry or freeze aquatic plants and dispose of them on dry land far from water.

Return unwanted pets such as fish or turtles to where you bought them or try to find them a new home with a friend.

Pour water out onto the ground away from any waterbody.

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