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Tips For Your Yard

Being Plant Wise can save you hours of work in the future.  There are a number of ornamental plants that will take over your yard.  Deadheading is important when you have an aggressive ornamental.  Better yet would be to replace them with a native or non-aggressive ornamental.

Water gardens are a beautiful feature to add to your yard.  As with a terrestrial garden you need to be careful about what you grow.  Some aquatic plants will take over and choke out everything else you have planted.  If you have any plants or fish in your water garden that you don't want anymore please do not ever dispose of it in a natural waterway.  Invasive plants and animals can destroy habitat for native species very quickly.  It is also wise to be careful what you share with your neighbors.  A little bit or research can save you a lot of headaches later on!

Native wildflowers are beautiful, require less care and are an integral part of the ecosystem that bees, butterflies and birds all live in.  Beware when buying wildflower seed mixes.  Wild does not mean native and most wildflower seed mixes contain invasive plants such as Bachelor's buttons (Centaurea cyanus).  Your best choice is to buy single species packets.  There are a number of companies that sell actual native seed.  It is worth the time to educate yourself on what is native to your area.  

  Birdseed can also contain invasive plant seeds.  It's a good idea to periodically check around your bird feeders to see what comes up from the seeds the birds missed and pull any invsives before they spread.

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