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There are so many things you can do to help!

Arrive with clean gear.

Burn local firewood.

Use local weed-free hay.

Stay on the trails.

Before leaving, remove mud and seeds.

Wash your boat and gear.

Remove all plants and animals.

Drain water from your boat, trailer, tackle and gear.

Do not release aquarium pets, plants or live bait.

Dead-head your plants.

Select native or non-invasive exotic plants.

Be aware of wildflower seed mixes.

Grow Me Instead and Be Plant Wise.

Learn to identify invasive plants. 

Monitor your property for new infestations.

Prevent new infestations.

Control existing problems.

Evaluate your approach to see if it is effective.

You can donate, volunteer, and much more!  Contact us for more information.

Prevent the Spread.  Protect Habitat.  Restore Ecosystems.  Report Infestations.
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