Working together to prevent the spread of invasive species and to protect and restore habitat!

We work with a variety of partners to protect our shared environmental, agricultural and recreational resources from further impacts by invasive species.  We coordinate treatment of invasive plants, maintain an inventory of invasive species locations, provide free assistance with identification and management information and provide biological control insects.  We do a lot of education and on the ground work.  If you would like to get involved and help us, you can!  We can always use volunteers.  If you are unable to donate your time we also accept monetary donations.  As a registered charity we can issue tax detectable receipts on all donations over $20.  You can also become a member of our society.  For more information please contact us. 

After nearly 2 decades we have a new office!  Our new office is located at the Riverside Centre in Rock Creek.  Our office is currently closed in support of social distancing at this time but you can still contact us by email and telephone.  We will keep you posted on when our office will be open to the public.  We look forward having you come and check out our office and our new office furniture while discussing invasive species and how to protect our ecosystems!

The Boundary Invasive Species Society wishes to acknowledge the generous financial support of this project by Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities and the Grand Forks Credit Union’s Donor Advised Fund, without whom this project would not have been possible.


Regional District of Kootenay Boundary Services:

In Areas D and E the RDKB offers a New Invaders Program that will treat up to 5 acres of priority invasive plant with herbicicde at no charge to the landowner.  For more information contact us or click the RDKB button.

New Invaders Program

In Areas D and E the RDKB offers a 50% Cost Share Program that will cover half the cost of herbicide treatment by an approved contractor up to 5 acres of the listed species of invasive plants.  For more information contact us or click the RDKB button. 

50% Cost Share Program

The RDKB operates an Equipment Loan Out Program in the Boundary.  You can borrow a variety of different spray equipment as well as a grass seeder to help manage you property.  For more information contact us or click the RDKB button.

Loan Out Program

Get Involved

You can help stop the spread of invasive species!

Prevent the spread.

Protect habitat.

Restore ecosystems.

Report infestations.



Invasive Plants of the Boundary

An Identification Guide



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Prevent Protect Restore

Invasive species affect all of us.  The cause reduction in property values, increase fire hazard, destroy habitat for native wildlife and birds, reduce populations of native species, accelerate soil erosion and stream sedimentation, reduce crop yield and quality, increase cost for crop production, impact recreational opportunities and they take away from the beauty of the landscape.

Best Practices

Property Development

Stop Invasive Species In Your Tracks

  • Remove plants, animals and mud from boots, gear, pets and vehicles.

  • Clean your gear before entering and leaving the recreation site.

  • Stay on designated roads and trails.

  • Use Certified or local firewood and hay.


ID and Management

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Report a Weed

Plans and Reports

Interesting Information

Did you know...?

Habitat loss is the greatest threat to biodiversity.  The second greatest threat is from invasive species.  

Invasive species are defined as organisms (plant, animal, fungus, or bacterium) that are not native and have negative effects on a region's environment, economy, or public health.