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Eastern gray squirrel
  • Native to central and eastern North America, but not in BC

  • They are causing problems in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Southern Interior

European Fire Ants in Naramata

Eastern gray squirrel
(Sciurus carolinensis)

Eastern gray squirrels vary in colour from light grey to black.  They have large bushy tails. It leaves tracks in the snow that look like two exclamation marks !!  They are very fast and can reach speeds of 25 km/h.  

Eastern gray squirrels are larger than our native squirrels.  They are competition for food and habitat with native squirrels and they also carry diseases that affect native squirrel populations.  They also displace native birds and eat their eggs and babies.  Eastern gray squirrels are also competition for native mice and voles

The best way to prevent the spread of the eastern gray squirrel is to not relocate them.  If you spot eastern gray squirrels in the Boundary please contact us.

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