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Curly leaf pondweed 

(Potomogeton crispus)

Curly leaf pondweed is in Christina Lake and Christina Creek but is not known from other natural water bodies in the Boundary. Please report it if you find this plant elsewhere in the Boundary


This is a fresh water plant that grows fully submerged.  It is a  perennial rooted plant.  It is green to red brown in colour depending on the time of year.  The leaf edges are wavy like a rippled potato chip. It flowers between May and June and the flowers are red brown in colour.  There are many native pondweeds in our area but none of them have the rippled leaves.


It forms dense stands that crowd out other plant species.  It can impede water flow and has the potential to alter oxygen levels which impacts fish.  It can restrict access to docks and fishing areas.


At this point our management options are limited to preventing the spread of this plant.  Please Clean Drain Dry all recreation equipment especially boats.  Never dump aquariums into natural areas. Please report it if you see this plant.

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